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Whistleblower platform, document search and analysis tools, hosting and hardware devices for your organization.

Everything fully managed by trustworthy experts in high-security hosting and investigative data journalism.

Just focus on your next story. We take care of the rest.

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1. Choose your leak platform

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Choose Globaleaks to recieve your leaks. Managed and hosted by FlokiNET in one of our secure datacenters.

Managed Globaleaks

2. Choose your data platform

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Liquid Investigations

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The combination of FlokiNET's high-security hosting solution and the data journalism expertise from provides the ideal platform for confidential research into leaked data, public databases and any other material you receive.

Managed Liquid
Managed Aleph

3. Get your leaks

Leaks as a service: Ready made datasets for Liquid or Aleph so you can start right away with your investigation.

Recieved a leak over your whisteblower platform and want the data processed without resizing your instance? We can process your data in our secure cloud and add to your Liquid or Aleph instance so you save money and time.

4. Secure your emails

Communicate with encrypted emails on your custom domain, managed by FlokiNET.

We partnered with Protonmail to provide you secure email, calendar, cloud, VPN and password manager.

Managed Proton

5. Secure your hosting

Host your website or your next project page with FlokiNET to get protected against cyberattacks. DDOS protection and firewall included.

Managed hosting

6. Secure your devices

Secure phones and tablets based on Graphene OS with optional mobile Device Management (MDM). Managed by FlokiNET.

Managed devices

Our services


We do not require any personal details or identification. Any valid email address is enough information to be a customer.


Whatever technical challenge you might have within your investigation, we can provide assistance from our years of experience in secure hosting and investigative data journalism.


Depending on the use case, we can offer dedicated servers located in our datacenters in Iceland, Finland, Romania, The Netherlands or Germany.


Your contracting partner can be FlokiNET, registered in Iceland, or, a company registered in Germany.